About Pharmtrue

At Pharmtrue, we stand at the forefront of health innovation, merging pharmaceutical expertise with the healing virtues of nature to craft cannabis products that offer more than relief – they offer a new outlook on wellness.

Pharmtrue's commitment to health innovation, showcasing a green leaf with a molecular structure overlay, representing the seamless blend of natural healing and pharmaceutical precision.
Where Nature Meets Science – Pharmtrue’s Dedication to Innovative Wellness

Pharmtrue 1:1:1 Gummies (10 Pack, 10mg THC:CBD:CBG) – Strawberry

Discover the tri-synergy of cannabinoids with our exclusive one-to-one-to-one gummies. Crafted for the connoisseur, each gummy is a testament to healing sophistication.

Pharmtrue 10:1 CBD:THC Tincture – Natural

Harness the targeted therapeutic potency with our 10-to-1 tincture. A beacon of hope for those seeking solace from chronic conditions. Inspired by Pediatrician, Dr. Bonnie Goldstein.

Pharmtrue 1:1 Gummies (10 Pack, 10mg CBD:10mg THC) – Watermelon

Begin your cannabis journey with confidence. Our one-to-one gummies offer a balanced entry point to the harmonious effects of CBD and THC.

Empower Your Well-Being

Join the Movement – Knowledge & Community at Pharmtrue

Dr. Acosta of Pharmtrue discussing with a KFOX 14 reporter inside City Hall, following a landmark victory for the first pharmacy-dispensary hybrid in America.
Trailblazing Change – A Historic Win for Health and Wellness
Selfie with Dr. Acosta at a Green Chamber of Commerce meeting, with members smiling in the background, highlighting Pharmtrue’s commitment to community engagement.
Community First – Engaging Conversations at the Green Chamber

Our Patients’ Voices

Discover the real-life stories of healing and hope powered by Pharmtrue.

Abstract image symbolizing transformation and wellness, representing customer success stories with Pharmtrue's health-focused cannabis products
Real Stories, Real Relief – Discover the Transformative Power of Pharmtrue’s Cannabis Solutions

“Pharmtrue guided me to wellness when I felt all doors were closed. Their expertise shines a light where there’s darkness, and their care is a testament to the healing power of community and cannabis.”

Erica V.

Pharmtrue Advocate

Dr. Kristen L. Biggs champions Pharmtrue’s medical cannabis dispensary, valuing its educational focus and pharmacist-led care that sets a new standard for patient support and superior product quality in the community.

Dr. Kristen L. Biggs,

Vascular Surgeon & IFMCP

“Moving to New Mexico for its progressive stance on cannabis, I found relief and a new quality of life thanks to Pharmtrue. Their expertise turned my chronic pain into a manageable part of my life.”


Registered Nurse

“As a physical therapist, I trust and use Pharmtrue products for their reliability and quality. They are a cornerstone in downtown, combining professional expertise with the vibrant local culture.”

Matthew A.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

“Pharmtrue’s guidance was instrumental in my journey to an opioid-free life. Their approach to pain management with cannabis is a beacon of hope for those who suffer.”

Yolanda D.

Opioid-Free Advocate

“Navigating chronic pain is a challenge, but with Pharmtrue’s knowledgeable staff, I’ve learned to utilize cannabis effectively, improving my daily life beyond measure.”

Danny H.

Medical Cannabis Patient

Join the Pharmtrue revolution – where wellness meets scientific innovation.

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